San Antonio Riverwalk at Christmas and The Tower of Doom — 3 Comments

  1. I wish I’d had more time in San Antonio to enjoy the Riverwalk back when. But I couldn’t drag myself away from whatever other distraction I was engaged in. 🙁

  2. Hi, Sweetie,

    I’m late I know, but now here I am.

    Refering to the San Antonio river, I was stationed at Lackland Air Force Base in late 1960 and early 1961. Back then the story was that they dragged about 8 or 10 bodies out of the river every week. When I saw the river back then, it was just a muddy trace running thru down town San Antonio. It had muddy banks covered in a couple centuries of trash. I had the opportunity to see it again in early July, 2010. (There was a very large party being held in San Antonio then, as you probably know.) As you have pictured above, it was an entirely different experience from 1960. Of course, San Antonio itself was an entirely different experience, also. I don’t remember it being much more than a dusty cow town back in 1960.

    Ahhhh, memories,