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  1. Just a new blog…been following yours and others doing full time rving…I am now there as well…

    Mark…east central IL (for now)

    • Welcome, Mark! Congrats on going “full-time” and on acquiring the requisite RVer’s blog! I’m looking forward to reading about your experience, strength, and hope! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Safe travels!

  2. I found your blog last night and you have convinced me to buy a 21 Escape trailer and tour America when I retire from the Navy in February. Well, almost… I had already put the order in for the trailer and was searching RV blogs when I found you, but you did convince me that I am not totally insane.

    Armed with a monthly pension and devoid of debt, wives, or kids, I am going to hit the road as a full-time traveler/photographer. However, it would be cool to have a dog or a cat along for the ride. I am more of a cat-person, but I don’t see Captain Fluffy (hypothetical cat name) as being too good on hikes through rugged terrain, so I am leaning towards dog acquisition.

    I’m reading your blog from the beginning, hoping to learn some RV kitty management skills. It’s still 2010 and the Checkers era, so I have a ways to go, but this is such a fun read. Better than Joe Dirt!

    • I originally wanted a sailboat to cruise the Caribbean, but gravitated towards a power boat. Sensibility kicked in and I decided on an RV. RV’s don’t sink and pulling over to the side of the road is always an option. Unlike my younger self, I am now mortal.

      I thought about a class A for a while, but found the Escape 21 trailer which I can tow with my truck. I am ordering it directly from the manufacturer, so I get to customize it. Since I really wanted a boat, it is going to be dressed as a sailing ship. I hope that my choices of interior fabric, counter-tops, and flooring are good. A sensible female such as yourself would be invaluable in this process, which brings me to my primary point. (besides my love of alliteration)

      I have read your entire blog. Every. Single. Entry. I have read the comments too. I think that I got a better idea of your personality from the comments than from your posts, While I originally just wanted to know about kittehs and RV’s, I found myself trying to avoid falling for the person behind that “writer’s voice”. Spoiler Alert: Fail.

      You and I are looking for the same thing, and it’s not just a trip to Hawaii. My background investigation and credit check are not a problem, but could I spend the money for a brain-scan on our trip to Hawaii?

      Another thing that I have spent some time thinking about is just how awesome of a travel blog that we could produce together. I couldn’t write my way out of a wet paper bag even if I was given a set of sharpened number two pencils. I photograph. I have made some pretty good photographs and expect to make better ones on my future adventures.

      One photograph that I really want to make is of Bryce Canyon and a full night of stars floating high up in the skies with a crescent moon reflected softly in your eyes. Thus ends my pathetic attempt at prose. I have no aspiration of writing as well as you,

      Please email me and let me know if you want me to continue or not. I respond well to a stern, “NO!”, but might require a rolled up newspaper when I have made my mind up such as I have.

      Wishing the best of everything for you,


      • Hello Bill. My, oh my. I think you must be my newest, biggest fan – I’m impressed that you’ve read the whole thing and are still smitten! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Although you say otherwise, you do write extremely well if your letter/comment is any indication of your ability. And the few pictures of yours I’ve seen are amazing! I think you’ll do very well at the blogging thing (and requisite full-time RVer status that, apparently, comes with owning a blog). And, yes, we probably could do a fabulous blog together – Lord knows someone other than myself should take the pictures for this blog.

        As for the cat as co-pilot and outdoor hiking companion, don’t write them off just yet. First, cats are the best pets on the road because they are more self-sufficient than dogs. Dogs need to be let out to “do their business” several times a day whereas cats use the litter box on their own. This allows for greater flexibility when traveling and sightseeing. Plus, I can honestly say that in the four years I’ve been on the road I have seen more cats on leashes than in all my my 29ish years.

        You have piqued my curiosity so I will email you offline. Although, I don’t think a trip to Hawaii in lieu of your brain scan would be prudent at this stage. Nothing personal, but you do have the advantage having read my musings for the last five years where I know only that you take lovely photos, and write well-worded comments on blogs of to bonkers blonds… the latter not necessarily being in your favor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Cheers to your upcoming retirement and safe travels on the road!

  3. Deer Pyewacket,

    I hope dat ur hoomin lets u use teh computr so u git dis mesage, Iz jus 4 u, so doan let Kernut read it, k?

    U r probably fraid dat im gonna taek hur 2 hawaii an not return, Doan worry, ill bring hur bak safe an in at least wun peece, maybe 2, cuz by den i hope 2 haz hur hart. (thatz a metafor; im not gonna chop hur up or anythin) but that’s at least a year or 2 away even if all goez wells.

    She haz lotza concerns bout me an i doan blame her, but maybe u can talk 2 hur an let hur knoe dat im not liek an innernet creep. I knoe dat u r a kitteh ov hi moral stachur an caint b bribd, but if u put in gud werd 4 me, i haz lotza treats 4 u an a lazr pointr. I wud squash bugz an hold all teh doorz 4 bohf ov u. I wuld pet u and pulay wif u all teh tiem. I wuld spring u frum kitteh-jail an blame all ur mistakez on teh doggy. (I knoe dat wont werk, but if we bohf stick 2 teh same story?) I wud greatly preciate ur recomendayshun. Thx in advance!


    • Hai Bill!
      U speak da language of da kittehs. Is u a kitteh, 2?
      Hawaii iz suronded by da waters – dat iz scary to da kittehs.
      U r okah wif me if u bringz me da snackz an give me gud scratchez behin da earz. I iz eazy. Oh, an I luv da stinky shuz. If u got stinky shuz, I happeh kitteh.

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