Birthplace of Route 66, the Mother Road. And I saw Pandora’s Box in the men’s room. — 13 Comments

  1. Women in lingerie in small Arizona towns generally represent women of the night. Prostitution was a big business back in the 1800s when most of these towns were filled with men trying their luck at mining. (Try to make it to Jerome, the next time you’re near Sedona. It’s awesome.) Also, most small Arizona towns are really proud of their old jails. Seriously.

    I had a feeling about what was going to be in Pandora’s box. But I didn’t expect the tininess. I would make a terrible man.

    • I KNEW I should have gone in. Damn, I probably missed a brothel.

      I almost went to Jerome, but heard mixed reviews. There was so much to see in and near Sedona, I’ll have to go back and spend another two weeks there to get the rest of it.

      Hmmm, do you think someone modeled for the itty-bitty condom?

    • It caught me completely off guard. I could never have guessed at that one. I actually thought if would contain a real condom and was surprised to see the itty-bitty one.

  2. They sure had some good nicknames back in the 1800’s, didn’t they?

    I was most impressed by your one-handed dexterity in rolling that condom down your finger. I suspect that making these videos is just scratching the surface of your talents.

    • Sad to say, but there are probably some folks who would be able to use the itty-bitty condom.
      I hope someone else goes and starts collecting the other eleven items. I’d really like to know what they are. And itty-bitty vibrator?

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