A Mega Yacht in Larry’s Backyard — 5 Comments

  1. Roman is the better of the two. I say this because his money is being made from the finance and sports industry. Andrey is making a large portion of his in fertilizer (poisoning the soil) and energy (I checked, not clean energy). So, bad boy, hot guy who is divorced and has 6 kids (and the bigger yacht, and is the 50th richest person in the WORLD) wins!! Congrats!! Please invite me to the party!
    Wicked Shawn’s last post ..You’re Freak-tastic!

  2. @Cali – Now if only I could get on it…

    @Wicked – I will totally invite you! As soon as I get my invitation from Roman. I’m sure he’s writing it now.

    @Patty – I wonder if they play Yahtzee on the yachts? If not, I will start a trend – as soon as I get on board.

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