Social Media, Jobs, Spam, Sex and Dating – Maybe not in that order — 10 Comments

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  2. Your public service announcement grabbed my attention when you wrote, “If we’re trying to make love and let’s say “junior” isn’t able to stand at attention that’s ok. I’m quite confident I can speak for 99% of the women out there when I say it’s ok to just let it go. We’re really ok with it. We know it happens. We are much happier having you do something else. Don’t abandon the whole activity just because ‘junior’ isn’t ready to play – take some time to practice your foreplay skills on us. And there’s always the toys. ”

    I wish all ladies thought the same way as you do, but are there any ladies who would enjoy being with someone whose “junior” hasn’t been able to stand at attention for over 20 years due to surgery to remove a cancerous prostate gland? Would just an extended period of foreplay alone possibly satisfy them, or am I hoping for the impossible?

    • I am too busy, but it’s good. Four hours sleep? Oh no! How do you do it? They’re still small sites so it won’t take long 🙂

  3. The guys who don’t understand about foreplay, and all the other “options” during a session, will never really get it. Maybe they don’t even care, so it’s best to not even bother with them.

    Not sure how they missed that part of the education!

    • Good point. I’ve noticed that selfishness tends to also be in the rest of the relationship.

      By the way… are you one of the single guys? 😉