Emails With Guy Kawasaki and The Bloggess — 9 Comments

    • He was very kind and humble. Not to mention funny and cute.
      Gees, I wish I could get the goggle ads to do that more often! Sometimes they PSA me because my content can be a bit controversial. Whatever Google.

    • At first I was just going to do the webinar of the event rather than attend, but then I started to see a different side of him and wanted to go in person.

      I’m so glad I did. Besides getting to meet him, the marketing information was priceless. I’ll be finishing that article this weekend and getting in my bloggy time! 🙂

    • I think you’re right! It’s not like *I* took the photo (with my crap photography skills). Maybe he is a sparkly vampire AND The Magical Bloggess put the unicorn force field around him.

      Or both of us! It seems I have the teeth… Do I look sparkly, too?

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