Unsolicited Advice. Let’s all sing “Let It Go” — 12 Comments

  1. KtB,
    Will be praying you do wonderfully well with surgery and recovery. I wish I were closer, to volunteer rides or whatever you need. Hope you have good friends close by.

    • Thank you, Karen! I wished you lived closer, too. I’d love to see you again, and build another campfire! LOL MO isn’t all that far and I’ll get there one of these days!

  2. Hi, Sweetie,

    You have my prayers and support, also. If there is anything I can do from this far away be sure to let me know.

    I love you,

    • Hi Dennis! Thank you 🙂 I appreciate the offer. Prayers are perfect. At the moment shitty Seton Hospital is trying to deny me assistance… assistance they had already approved. Pray they get their act together before this coming Tuesday!
      Love and Hugs 🙂

  3. Hey Neighbor,
    I’m an expert caretaker lots of practice. wish I was closer to distract you with stories and bake you cookies!
    Channel you inner yogi and get in the zone to relax right through the recovery.
    Much love neighbor!

    • Hey Neighbor! I miss you! Wish you were closer, too! And not just for your awesome cookies! I miss walking to the stores with you. That was fun.

      At the moment surgery is put on hold Seton Healthcare’s inability to handle simple paperwork. No department or facility knows what the other is doing. I bet you’d be great at straightening them out!!
      Love and hugs to you!

  4. I thought briefly about the offer to trade a relative. I’m traveling to Florida where I’ll see all of them in one place. That will make the selection process easier. Maybe I’ll offer a 2-fer.

    • Hi Chuck!
      Two for one? Hmmm, you might have a deal. I’ve always wanted an older brother… can one of your trades be someone who could be an older brother?

  5. KtB,
    If things don’t work out where you are, check out hosps here and come and stay with me. I can pick you up.

    • Thank you, Magee! ((hugs)) There’s a fair chance I might actually take you up on that. I’m seriously considering leaving Texas because of this. And a ride to a from the hospital would be a huge help. If things don’t pan out here, I’ll see if it might be better in your neck of the woods. How are the jobs there? Unless I’m holding the winning lottery ticket and don’t yet know it, I’ll need to get one of those job things. 🙂

  6. KtB.
    Sent you a private email a couple of days ago. Did you get things straightened out with the hospital there?

    • Hi Magee! Thanks, I did get it! I just replied this morning. Been on the phone for DAYS with the docs and hospital. IHave I mentioned I hate Seton? They suck.