How Not to Ask Me For a Date — 20 Comments

  1. o.k. try again, i commented but went to post and my comp froze, like that has not happened before. lol. anyways, as i was saying, well i forgot what i was say, but so, i am glad we met on common ground and as one spirit to another, what do heck to i do know. o.k will catch you in the near future or the long past whatever comes first. take care, you way to funny.

  2. about that last post, i was laughing so hard couldn’t even type right, as you can tell, you left me tongued tied or tipped or something, later girl. :):)

  3. I saw the title of your blog today and that “crap, she totally set me up”! I was quite relieved when I read through to the end. Was it really 700 people? I am afraid stage fright may cause a significant impediment to my, ummm, abilities.

    • LOL! No, I wouldn’t do that! Your sweet missive is in the next post, for which I used your same title. It’s a great line – and you should have seen my jaw drop when I read it the forum. Yup, there are 700 subscribers on that forum. Thank you again for the kind review. 🙂

    • What is it with guys doing that? I’ve received some of those, too. During the Chronicles “Chatty/Lied About His Age Guy” bashed his ex – a woman who had a diagnosed mental or emotional disability!! Seriously?? No f’n compassion at all. It wouldn’t surprise me he drove her to that mental state with his incessant negative chatter, woman-bashing, and dishonesty. She is far better off without crap in her world.

  4. This whole post comes off as rather cynical, but the guys do seem be putting forth a pretty poor effort on the whole.

    • You seem unable to decide. Which is it? Am I cynical or are they putting forth little effort?

      By the way, my use of the word “rant” at the beginning of this post indicates it will probably be quite cynical.

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    • Yeah, except they have to *read* them first. Sadly, MG has since sent me another one-line email. Apparently he didn’t read my blog.

  6. And I thought it was just me who seemed to attract all the losers on the internet dating sites. SO NICE to know I’m not alone in my misery of disasters

    • Oh, no, you are not alone! There are many of us gals out there who’ve all had similar experiences. “Just say ‘NO’ to the internet dating!”