I have the memory of a goldfish… — 4 Comments

  1. My dear, you haven’t learned the tricks yet. When approached by a “stranger” who obviously knows you well, act surprised and delighted, squealing, “How are you?!” If you’re really caught off guard, feign bad vision. (“Oh, sorry. Don’t have my contacts/glasses.”) One recent disturbing experience of mine: Nephew described scene in a movie he’d viewed once. Didn’t register with me, although I must have seen that movie at least ten times. And as for the knickers around the ankles incident, something like that happened to me, too. Um, recently.

    • Ok, you need to get a blog so you can write about the knickers incident!! LOL

      Ah, yes, the tricks. Here’s how well they work for me: I saw someone I recognized at a rare social function not too long ago. He said “Hi” just as I recognized him as “someone I knew”. I hugged him and said “Hi” back (I’m the kind who hugs hello when seeing someone I know, but…)

      …He seemed a bit taken aback at the hug. My date gave him a questioning look. I wanted to introduce them, but couldn’t remember the guy’s name. We made a brief moment of small talk, and parted. I told my date I couldn’t remember the guy’s name. OH! Then it hit me! I knew him as a customer from the park – not someone I ever hugged! LOL

      That, combined with the fact that he used to hit on me, and was now at this function (45 minutes away from the park) with his WIFE it’s no wonder he was surprised! Hahaha That’s what you get for hitting on a gal with a craptastic memory! Oddly, he hasn’t come back to the park since. *snicker*

      Earlier, at the same event, my date — knowing just how crappy my memory is — tried ever so smoothly to introduce me to a couple I’d seen (but never actually met or conversed with) several times before. He said “And you remember Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so.” Me, ever quick to speak before thinking, said, “Umm, no.” The looks I get at moments like these are a fine, rolling combination of bewilderment, then surprise, finally ending in pity.

  2. Hi, Kernut,

    I occasionally drop in here to see how you are doing.

    It sounds like you are living a wonderful life. I wish I could travel as you do, but it is not possible.

    Once in a while I look over the crowd at St Timothy’s on a Sat. night to see if you are visiting us. It would be nice to talk with you some night about your travels.

    I am making this post in regards to your comments above about memory problems. I suffer the same way. First, I remember very little about my past. I forget what I am saying in the middle of a sentence. I have enormous difficulty remembering simple words. (That is sometimes why I forget what I am saying in the middle of a sentence. Damn it, I know that word.) I almost always have to return to the house as I am leaving because I have forgotten something.

    And for the problem of forgetting faces I have a name for that, it is Prosopagnosia. This is a disorder recognized by the medical community. If you would like to see more about it, check here: I have learned to smile big and say something like “Hi, how are you doing?” And just wait for some clue based on what they have to say. And, yes, I have the context problem, also.

    I forget a name in seconds and a face in perhaps an hour. It tends to be somewhat embarrassing to walk into a meeting and walk past someone who looks at you as if they are going to greet you and then get a surprised look on their face as I just walk by them. Only then does it occur to me I must have talked to them some time recently. Sometimes it comes back to me who they are and I go back to talk to them later with some lame excuse that I had to tell someone something important.

    Fortunately, you have your picture on your blog, so whenever you do show up here in the Bay Area I will still recognize you.

    Continue on with your wonderful life and keep the blog entries coming.

    Love you, Be Good to Yourself,

    • Hello Dennis!

      It’s great to hear from you! I am having a fabulous time! Even though the money stream isn’t as steady as I’d like, and I’m working more hours than a Lady of Leisure should ever have to (LOL!), I’m still loving every minute. The adventures are amazing!

      Thank you for the info about memory problems. Yes, I’d heard there was a formal name/condition for not being able to remember faces, but – get this – I’d forgotten the name! LOL

      I do miss you, and the whole fellowship, at St Tim’s! I was sorry to hear of Donna’s passing. I may be headed hat way around Thanksgiving, and hope to see you and the gang! I hope you can recognize me – I do look a bit different than my airbrushed photo 🙂

      Love and hugs,