When Lost in the Crenshaw District of L.A., Sacrifice The Blond — 14 Comments

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  2. Loved your tale, Julie. My husband denies it to this day, but he honked once (and only once). The fact we are married is a testament to my tolerance.

    • LOL! Yes, Wendy, he is very fortunate, but you’ve probably taught him better moves.
      Where do they learn this “technique”? We must find out and stop it at once! Maybe I should write a dating advice column. I wonder if men would read it?
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Oh so this is a blog. Well Julie, Enjoyed the story of foriegn entrigue. I’m sure it could have had a couple a more chapter out of it. Tryed to catch you eye last night too. Sorry I missed it.

  4. You didn’t mention if he said anything while honking. I’d love to know if there’s a “line” that goes with that. Ya know… “Are those real?”, “How much for this one?”, I mean didn’t he say anything?

    • He didn’t say anything. He just had this big wide-eyed grin on his face, like a kid who just walked into a candy store.
      The poor man didn’t realize until it was too late that breasts aren’t horns, and I’m not a candy store.

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  6. Jules……WOW!!! Now THAT’s a dating story of epic proportions. It hit’s all the big ones, from exiled royalty, the intrigue of a bulletproof Mercedes to dinner with Princess’ with great manners, until her concern for vermin of the tiny kind could actually be a real problem, to penis directions and using you as a potential human shield while attempting to get directions from questionably safe street people. Yeah….and the capper…..breast honking. Wow. I’ll share my personal view on that directly with you. My theory’s are generally accepted as very plausible.
    Love, love loved it!!! and you. I miss you…. kathryn

    • Hey Kathryn!
      Thank you for the compliments. I’m glad you garnered some enjoyment from my fractured dating life. Can’t wait to hear what more you’ve got to say on the topic and am looking forward to it.
      Love and hugs,

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  10. How to leave the roof unsafe? I wouldn’t buy such a car. If they make bulletproof cars, they should make all car bulletproof not 3/4….. The sadest part, if this car is a series one and not custom upgraded, is that attackers can find out this bug and take advantage of it.