The Time Martin Sheen Saved My Life — 21 Comments

  1. Gah! This is like the new Harry Potter movie! No ending!

    I’m just going to say, in advance, that I don’t know how one can talk to Martin Sheen and not call him Mr. President.

    • Oh Darlin, trust me – it has an ending 😉

      You know what? I never watched the show. (Sorry Martin! I’m still a huge fan, anyway!) My mom followed it, though. I’m also a huge fan of his brother, Joe Estevez. He plays in many of the cheezy sci-fis I LOVE!

  2. Caammaaann, don’t make us wait! LOL! This is like the ending to the Empire Strikes Back… Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode (in 4 years) lol!
    Ok, I’ll make up my own ending… you pull out your Dirty Hary .357 Magnum and say out of the side of yer mouth “go ahead punk make my day” backed up by Martin Shean and Emilio Estevez on horseback dressed in their outfits from Young Guns!

    K, can’t wait for part 2 later on tonight when you get to it lol!

    • Actually, after my “breakout in handcuffs” the po-po told me I couldn’t carry my gun in the car anymore. Party-poopers. But they did give it back to me, after a fight. It’s times like this when I wish I’d had it on me.

  3. i didn’t know you used to be a PI. maybe i will have to take you up on that investigation into my secret admirer. gah, the suspense is killing me! it’s like motherfucking dexter over here.

    • You didn’t know I was a PI? Oh yes, for several years just before I transferred to Malibu. (You can read about it here: I Spied.) Yeah, if I were the one with an anonymous gifter, I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I knew who it was!

  4. Coming 2 ur site is like scratching off the last square on a lottery scratcher… “exciting conclusion 2 story?….come on… Come on!!!… Dam!” lol
    Then I realize it ain’t the crazie son Charlie but daddy Sheen lol! Blows my whole Young Guns fantasy ending out of the water lol!

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    • LOL Hello and welcome Tracey! Martin continues quite gallantly, confronting the stalker in the next (and final – no matter how long it is! LOL) chapter.

    • See, ya go away and then I bring out the good stuff 🙂 Glad you made it through all three – these are my longest posts.

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