Once Upon a Time in Malibu — 6 Comments

  1. Let me know when you are completely done with this segment, please. I would like to hear the whole story but will only read it when you are done.

    • Cinamon,
      Glad you’re interested in the story. I publish each segment or chapter individually – it would be a book if I posted all at once and then we’d all have to go to Barnes & Noble. As I was there for some time, I don’t know when I’ll be done with the stories of Malibu.
      The best thing to do is subscribe to the RSS feed… just click on the orange square and you’re done! You can always check back at a later date and choose to filter with the category “Life in Malibu” as each story relating to Malibu will be published there.

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  3. I really hate to nitpic but shouldn’t it be:
    “They’re always hanging out in Malibu…” not,
    “They’re always hanging out it Malibu…” or did you mean to say
    “They’re always hanging it out in Malibu…”
    If so, what is “it”?
    I’m confused…

    • Pete,
      Pete, Pete, Pete. As well as I know you my dear friend, I know how easily it is to confuse you.
      What you have so graciously pointed out is called a typo. A post from me without a typo would be incomplet.
      This post: About Kernut explains my feelings on typos.
      So lemme guess… It’s because of you the phrase ‘Oh, for Pete’s sake!’ came about, isn’t it? 😉

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