Cuff Em Danno — 6 Comments

  1. Were you ever a GOOD girl?

    Just wondering. Oh, and if you still have unused nasty, become a nun. I went to catholic school for a stretch that was 6 years to life, got out for bad behaivor LOL.

  2. Wait a minute, what about this story makes me a BAD girl? Not that I’m denying I’ve got a deep bad girl streak, but I didn’t think it showed here. I was beginning to lean towards the other side of the law (the good side) by this time.

    ‘Unused nasty’ – I love it! LOL I’ve got plenty. The funny thing is I know a couple nuns and they were baaad (not mean, just wild) girls, too. Come to think of it wild, bad nuns are the only kind of nuns I would know.

  3. I would love to be a PI. Not so much the bail bonds stuff. I have worked with a couple of bail bonds clients, helping them get their businesses off the ground. Too intense for my taste.

    • Being a PI was fun – partly due to the intense moments. But most of it was totally boring, sitting around all day or waiting in line to pull public records. As for being a Bali Agent, it was a lot the same except it was just all waiting around. I did not care for the arresting part – which we always called someone else to do.

      But my biggest problem with being a Bail Agent? Writing bail for some jailed wooba-gooba who beat the daylights put of his wife or girlfriend. And there she is sitting in front of me, face swollen and bruised, crying that he should be free while putting her house up to get the SOB out of jail. If I got the chance, I’d try to talk them out of it and tell them to use their money to get therapy – for themselves. No one ever took my advice at that moment. I sure hope they did later.

  4. What else do you have in your little bag of stuff?

    You’re like a woman’s version of Forrest Gump. (That’s what I call myself.)

    Is there anything you haven’t done?

    • LOL Well, I haven’t been a stripper – yet. I would just like to learn the moves, but not necessarily dance in front of many strangers. I learned to belly dance several years ago, but am terribly shy when it comes to performing for crowds and have only done a few shows.

      What else haven’t I done – yet? I haven’t traveled nearly enough. I haven’t traveled the world, been to Hawaii, bought my beach house, lost this blasted 15 pounds, written a book, been married, won the lottery, etc. Lots left to do! 🙂