Tanked in Perdido Key and a Covered Bridge in Elberta — 3 Comments

  1. If one knows he is crazy, he probably isn’t. My friends think that Ey am crazy because Ey don’t believe in spirituality of any kind. There is no existence beyond this one. There is no reward or punishment for being human. There are no devils or goblins or saints hovering about. Ey have resisted the brainwashing and indoctrination of superstition, mythology, and afterlife. Ey do not carry this burden.
    Five years on the road in my Fox on a Ford, Ey have pondered the physical world of desert, oceans, and forests. Ey am content. Ey am mostly alone, but not lonely.
    At night Ey am a tiny bug looking out into the vastness of the universe.
    Ey am crazy, but Ey like myself this way
    The Loneoutdoorsman

    • Loneoutdoorsman – Thank you for being a loyal fan – and for your generous PayPal donation! That was so sweet of you and I appreciate it, and your continued loyalty, very much!

      I like your outlook and appreciate the view and agree with much of it.

      Travel safely!

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