Zombie Attack Plan – Got One? — 13 Comments

    • Awesome! But I’ve got to wonder what’s going on in Missoula that they’re making zombie weapons? Is there something we should know?

    • LOL I take it you’ve been to/through Missoula? I kind of want to order one of the knives/swords just for the novelty.

    • I love the Resident Evil series. I’m a huge fan of (most) sci-fi movies. Fido a truly fabulous zombie flick – very original. As was Shaun of The Dead. There was one particular “big bug invasion” movie that had a terrific ending. I can’t remember the name, but it starred William Shatner. In the end, the tarantulas won. Gotta love it when the bugs win in the end. They rarely do.

    • Great movie. The “double tap” seems to be the preferred method for kicking zombie ass…. a few people mentioned it on my FB.

  1. I will be the first to die. Srly. I won’t even take the quiz. sigh. Shaun of the Dead is my fav. It just seems a lot more realistic to me. LOL

  2. I agree – Shaun of The Dead does seem more realistic. I’d like to think we domesticate them as in Fido. I really want a pet/slave zombie. (Oh, and I probably cheated on that test.)

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