TSA In Your Pants — 26 Comments

    • That sounds pretty good… it would be the best action I’ve had in a looong time. Can you request a specific gender or do they pair up male/male, female/female?? What if I say I’m gay and therefore require a male to grope, er I mean, pat me down? I want to try this… I wonder if I need a ticket?

  1. I was really disappointed how quickly and efficiently I got through security at Laguardia. Not even a sideways glance. I am really hoping there is a little more action on my way home tomorrow. fingers crossed….
    Happy Black Friday!

    • Welcome Citygirl!

      I’m hearing this a lot. What happened to all the groping the media is promising?? That’s false advertisement! I think they just want us to fly to help boost the economy and there really isn’t sufficient groping to warrant the attention the TSA is getting.

      Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

    • Do it Girlfriend! Then you have to write about it and tell us what happened. I wonder if they’ll offer you a male of female pat-down? Maybe you could get both!

  2. I was wondering if the TSA is a surrogate for people who haven’t had sex in a while. Take a vacation and fondled sexually. Seems like win/win. You should be able to choose who frisks you…it’s only fair.

    My favorite is the Freedom Pat…hysterical!
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    • The next time I go through I want to wear a bikini like that gal did. She had a rockin’ bod, tho. I don’t look like that in a bikini so I doubt they’d put me on TV.

      I love your metallic paint idea! Set off those scanners and then get the special pat-down.

    • I got a good grope the other night. (Sadly, it was not from the TSA.) My blog photo is evidence of the wonders Photoshopping can do. Let’s go have nudes done! I think we’d make a hot pair! 😉

    • I hate to disillusion you, but in another 15-20 years you’ll still want a freedom pat where you can get one. (Not that I’d know – I’m still 27. ALWAYS 27.)