Spam, It’s Not Just For Dinner Anymore — 8 Comments

  1. LOL. How do you know the one about the finger foods is Spam? Very convincing spam. They definitely have come a long way!

    • It is rather convincing, isn’t it? So far, I’ve found Askimet to be about 99.9% accurate as a spam catcher. I read through most, just to be sure, but it’s rare they get it wrong. If I’m not sure, I go to the URL the spammer provided. That is the easiest way to know. Plus, their names (often something spammy), usually don’t even match their email addy.

  2. Dang, I sure feel like getting down with some spam… Askimet is what I use as well and it’s the best thing ever! Thankfully I don’t have to deal with Viagra sales

    • LOL! I have a few “barred” words in Askimet, and viagra is one. It held your comment in “Pending” status because you said viagra! Askimet is awesome, and occasionally a bit too vigilant. But I’d rather have that than the alternative. 🙂

      I’d love to see what spam other bloggers get. You should do a post!

    • Yeah, the joke was kinda cute. I also liked the ‘do you like rims?’ comment. I plan to do more spam posts because I just really need to comment back to them sometimes. How could I let that ‘rims’ question just go unanswered? I mean, really?

  3. Awesome Zombie Reference with the finger foods…And the picture of SPAM made me want to have unrecognizable meat for dinner…double Yeah!

    • After reading this post, my friend mentioned she wanted fried spam. There is something mighty tasty about fried spam. Fried fingers? I’m not sure about, but the zombies would probably love ’em.