I’m trading you two in for good kids! — 4 Comments

  1. Love Dad’s idea. In response to Mom ratting him out, he should have said “It’s only an option for fathers; so your mother wouldn’t know about it.”

    It’s so much fun to BS kids… a couple years ago I told my nephews I spent my junior high school years hustling air hockey games for lunch money. They bought it completely.

    • HAHAHA! If my father still reads my blog, he’ll laugh at your improvement to his response.

      I wish I could BS Pye. I try to mess with her, but it doesn’t work very well. Maybe that’s why she pees on my bed every now and then.

  2. I too use to run the cliffs of Carlbad State Park as a child. Somewhere in those sandstone cliffs is my name carved in with a stick. I being much older then your age of 29, graduated in my teenage years from Carlsbad to the mean streets of Oceanside. I learned many things in Oceanside but this being a family informational RV site I won’t go into details. We will just say my friends and I would try to “keep up” with the young marines on leave from finishing boot camp. While there may not be a catalog to trade young children there was one to Sell Your Teenages at. There were no laws protecting us in fact law enforcement applauded the fact that we would soon be out of Oceanside! My father never did stop drinking or recovered from my youth! However I became a potential source of income for him. He forever threatened to “Sell Me To The Gypsies! ” then he would add “In A Week They Will Pay Him Triple To Take Me Back!!!” My week with the Gypsies will be saved for another post to you. I hope you are feeling great, as always Wendy & I wish you the very best.

    • Well, I’m really “29 and some letters”. I’ve had a few anniversaries of my 29th birthday. It’s approaching time have anniversaries of my 30th birthday. All this to say we probably aren’t as far apart in age as you may think.

      It’s mighty nice of you to call this a ‘family informational RV site’. That’s probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said! 😉

      I wonder if we were in Carlsbad at the same time? We lived on Lincoln Street (between Walnut and Pine?), walking distance from the 7-11 and Fidel’s Little Mexico. Walked down to the beach, 7-11, and Fidel’s all summer long!