Happy Happy Happy All The Time — 14 Comments

  1. You crack me up! And you made me feel really really really small. Seriously. I had no idea our galaxy has only gone around 20 times! That’s the number of times I yelled at my kid this morning! yikes!

    Loved it!
    xo Susie

    • I know! Our little galaxy is like a young teenager, only having gone around the block 20 times.
      So funny about your kids! And umm, one of the reasons I stopped at a cat.

  2. So bizarre. I feel smarter. Which makes me happy! Good job. I am pretty much always happy. Just don’t tell He Who Loves All Things Wicked since I am jockeying for the seriously depressed, nearly deranged Wicked who needs a dogsledding trip. Totally not pulling it off, btw.
    Wicked Shawn’s last post ..It’s a Beautiful Fucking World

    • Dogsledding! How fun! I’ve never been, but it sure sounds like a great way to cheer someone up. Ya, I can see how the ‘depressed’ thing might be hard to pull off seeing as how you’ve posted happy stuff every day this week πŸ˜‰

  3. THIS IS SO EERILY AWESOME because this past weekend we finally visited the planetarium in Chicago for the first time. The nightsky show inside the domed theatre really give you a different perspective about life and everything else.

    • Oh, it sounds lovely! I wish I could have been there. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a planetarium. Or Chicago. (I don’t get out nearly as much as I’d like.)

    • Thanks Sweetie! Glad you enjoyed it! Your comment makes me happy πŸ™‚ Thanks for visiting and come on back anytime!