A Big Lump On My Butt Cheek — 11 Comments

    • The egg would like that 😉
      The picture does kind of make me want to look and then immediately look away. I keep trying to figure out if it’s computer graphics, or a decal. Either way, it’s a nice butt.

  1. omg, i had a similarly traumatizing experience. i was zipping down a flight of stairs at my grandma’s and there were all of these glasses to be put away on the lower stairs. yes, i went tumbling down taking the glasses with me and landed in a pile of broken glass. i only had a nightgown on, so i ended up with GLASS IN MY ASS!

    had to be rushed to the hospital with my bleeding ass up in the back seat. the scar isn’t pretty.
    pattypunker’s last post ..anal assault or insult

    • OMG! That could have been much worse! You’re very lucky it was only your ass that ended up with glass. The thought sends chills down my spine and reminds me of the horrible story Holly/Midwestern Mama told about scalding hot chocolate.

      But do you have a picture of the scar? You wanna share? 😉

  2. well now does that mean i can longer gaze at your butt. LOLOLOL oh well there’s always the moon 🙂