A Holiday Letter Frum Da Kitteh — 9 Comments

  1. Oh hai bluzdude! Fank you fur notising mai skilz an intelegences. You ar corect, Iz a verra smart kitteh. But I don typ on da keebord, I uzez teh voyce comand fur da typings. I can spelz verra well akshully, iz teh voyce comand masheen dat don spelz so gud.

    I iz also verra beootifulz, as you can tels by mai piktur. You furgot tu menshun dis. Im shur iz jus a mestak.
    Purrrrrfect’s last post ..VIDEO- Kitteh Hugs Teddy Bear

  2. Dear Hooman,

    It is very obvious that your kitteh simply adores you and I think it’s just amazing that you can sit her down every year before the holidays so that she can help you craft yet another fabulous letter to family and friends. Obviously, she’s got a personality and a huge vocabulary to match, so I’m pretty sure she’s extremely popular with the fam.

    Love, Elizabeth
    elizabeth-flourish in progress’s last post ..Monday Dare- everyones got a talent even me

    • Hai Elizabeth! You iz obveeosly vera smart hooman to rekognyz skilz. Yes, youz korekt – I iz da vera populer wif da famileh.

      Fank you fur reeding mai leter.

      Checkers, da bestest kitteh

    • You speekz da langwage ov da kittehs! You iz vera smart, too. Mai hooman haz da meny smart reeders. Happi Krizmaz tu you, tuz!

      BTW – Wha iz dis abot a ‘bull penis’? Sondz kinda scaree tu meh.

  3. At first I didn’t read this because I thought it was in German or something. 😀

    LOL! I’m a big fan of LOL Speak, hilarious! Happy Holidays to you as well.

    • Hai Hulabuns! I do speekz da Germens, tu. But not dis tym. Onlee a cuple famileh members understan da Germens.

      Happi Holidayz!

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