Intimidated by The Adult Toy Store — 26 Comments

  1. The only intimidating thing about adult toy stores is the thought of being seen going into one.

    After that, it’s a breeze. Not that I have a lot of experience in there, but this one time, a girlfriend and I shopped for a toy together. It was definitely weird seeing all those things out on display. But hell, it was the 80’s.

    It reminds me of a favorite joke… the lady in the “toy” store saying, “I’ll take that red one on the wall,” and the clerk saying, “Lady, that’s the fire extinguisher.”
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    • I know what you mean about being seen in one, but I’ve braved it on occasion. But I prefer the online ones – much bigger and cheaper selection. Honestly, with this recent exception, all my sex toys were purchased as gifts for me by previous boyfriends.

      LOL love the joke!

      • If shopping online were an option, back when I was “in the market”, I definitely would have went that route.

        There was one other wrinkle… When I was dating that particular gal, she kept flip-flopping between whether she wanted to be with me, or her previous (and very long-time) boyfriend. So during one of those intervals, the old boyfriend saw the sleek little toy that she and I bought together, and decided he had to get her one too. Needless to say, it was one of those giant, vein-engorged things.


        Did your boyfriends feel they had to out-do their predecessors in the toy department?

        • Well, with one exception, no one ever asked where my toys came from.

          But there was one incident when an ex, months after I’d caught him with someone else, came over trying to get me back even though he knew I was seeing someone else. On his way to the bathroom he saw a toy my current BF had just left as a gift on my pillow. (This was as yet unknown to me – my current had used his key to let himself in while I was out and left it as a surprise, I just hadn’t walked back there yet to find the surprise.)

          So my ex, having found the present before I even knew it was there, comes back from the bathroom with the box in his hand, wearing a huge grin. I asked him what he had, and it was about that time he realized I hadn’t bought it for myself. Ooops. LOL Served him right.

  2. Have more toys than anyone can imagine. A couple months ago, a gal came over and out of the blue said “i know your a real man, because you have safe suds in your medicine cabinet and a spare under the sink” Really? WTF? You looked under my bathroom sink? But yes Muffs and Cuffs is lightening fast from the east coast. Very snappy and they only charged $5 to ship a small moving box sized order.

    • OMG! That’s kind of creepy to know she was sneaking around your cabinets! My mom always said to be careful what you put in the guest bathroom because there were people who religiously looked into others medicine cabinets. I’ve heard about addicts who’ve pilfered drugs out of them.

      Me, too. Very happy with the discreet (Priority mail box), cheap, and fast shipment!

  3. Being afraid of toys or confidence in the sack is like being afraid to throw seasoning on your eggs. Its a bad foreboding of dull things to come.
    I’m reminded of a comedian who countered a heckler by asking him if his date was good in bed. “Yes!” Oh, how do you think she got that way…?

    Life is for the living.

    • What’s funny is most of mine were given to me by previous boyfriends. This guy just doesn’t know what he’s missing. He’s given me the impression he’s really insecure.

  4. and be ware of sleep with a guy who dress like a girl, act like a girl, speak like a girl, but got peanuts

  5. First of all, LOL at the last sentence. You naughty naughty girl.

    Now, is that guy insane?! Almost every straight man would be dying to be in his position (he he) being with a woman who is into experimenting and stuff. And I agree with the first commenter who is wise in pointing out that the intimidating part is being seen.
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    • >:-D

      I still don’t get his apprehension… I never even brought up the toys. He thinks I’m somehow super experienced because I have a link to them and write the occasional story. I think he’s just really insecure and was all bark.

      Yup, the online stores are much better – you can browse for hours and hours and no one will know! You can also examine the super kinky stuff just because you’re totally curious, and no one will think you’re actually considering buying that 12″ diameter anal probe with the electrical shock feature. Plus, this online store is cheaper for the same items since they don’t have to pay rent on a building.

    • Yeah, I should have made that the title! ahahaa

      I don’t know how it is I usually find the sex addicts (who want orgies) or the insecure chickenshits. Isn’t there someone “in the middle” out there? Gees. I’m about to join, but that’s a rather scary proposition, too. Plenty of sex addicts and insecure chickenshits in online dating.

  6. Hey!
    Happy Belated New Year! Sorry, I’ve been MIA. I can see I’ve missed a lot.

    What’s up with this dude? He should be dancing in his britches upon hearing what you’re interested in. Not intimidated.

    As far as adult toy stores go. I’m certainly not embarrassed to go one, but it might be a bit awkward to see another dad or mom from my town shopping for the latest toy. But damn funny too!

    • Happy New Year to you, too!
      Yeah, I give up. I’m joining I hope I have better luck there. If not, I’ll probably have some good fodder for the blog.
      I wouldn’t be embarrassed if I ran into one of my girlfriends, but a guy or couple I knew might be embarrassing.

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    Have a great weekend. I’m sure you will. 🙂

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  8. Inanimate toys don’t compare to the touch and feel of warm flesh- I love this statement. I really agree to this. LOL. Nothing compare to the real ones, most especially those that you can hug like teddy bears.