I Brought Sand To The Beach — 14 Comments

  1. i think he had a lot of nerve pissing a territorial circle around you. wtf, dude! there will plenty of other opportunities for you and i doubt you’ll have any trouble finding a suitable suitor.
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    • He seemed to have a jealous/possessive streak. No thanks.
      Unfortunately, I rarely come across many any eligible men. I have no idea where to meet them.

  2. I’m with PP. I can’t imagine you have any trouble with suitors. Of course finding the right one is a bit trickier. Just look for the guy that doesn’t have a trail of sand coming out his pant leg.

    Hmm….that made no sense, but to my defense, I had a gig last night and now I’m up at 5am. No sleep will do that to you.

    Feel better! And get rid of Mr. Separated and his overactive wanker.

    • Ah, but it’s true. I have no idea where the right kind of guys hang out, or where to meet them. I seem to attract the married and emotionally unavailable. I did find a couple love notes with phone numbers on my car a few months ago. Both were from complete strangers. I didn’t call either, but maybe I should have.

    • It is totally rude! And smelly.

      He was quick to tell me she had moved out and lives 10 miles away with one of the kids. Oh, well then that changes everything! Sure, now I’d love to be your temporary “we’re on a break” rebound-booty call!

  3. Several women friends of mine have the same problem. Finding single guys but only running into married. Try art places, museums, yoga, book stores, or like every one esle, the internet.

    I met my wife in a chat room, so it can work.

    • The older I get, the harder it seems to be. Great suggestions! Except maybe the internet… I seem to attract an even worse crowd there than in real life. But I know several couples who met and got married via online dating, yourself included. Maybe I shouldn’t put up a picture… my blond hair is both my super power and my kryptonite.

  4. I hope you are fully recovered by now. Sorry that you were sick while on vaca. Since you were sick though you were probably not in any mood or shape to play with the “sand” that was on the beach. Good thing you learned that he’s married. Ugh.
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    • Thank you. I’m almost back to 100%. That was the other strange thing about him hitting on me – I was one sick puppy (not just sick in the head as usual, but sick sick, with a cold). How freaky do you have to be to hit on a sick, coughy, sneezy person? Is he so overrun by hormones that he couldn’t wait a week?