Indecent Proposals, part two — 4 Comments

  1. Hi, Dear,

    Your comment “But just one call moved me ahead by leaps and bounds” is something I have experienced myself. What I have come to realize is that things such as this professional relationship coach seem to come along at just the “right” time.

    My perception is we have reached a place that we are really ready for just such an awareness. Things are presented to us just when we are finally ready to be able to use them. I have had several such experiences myself.

    Another aspect of this is that sometimes when I am reading something I have read numerous times before there is something new there. But what has really happened is that finally my mind is open to what I have read in the past but wasn’t ready for it then.

    It seems that you have found a new plateau of growth.

    Congratulations, continue to be good yourself,

    Dennis Fleming

    P.S. Have you ever spent winter in that part of the country? Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Dating is so often difficult ( not that I really dated that much) just enjoy the adventure which you seem to. You seem to make good choices so keep it up.

    • Thank you, Rick. Actually, my dating choices may be ok sometimes, but my boyfriend choices have not been good at all. I’m working on it, though!