Only the best dressed fleas for MY pets. — 8 Comments

  1. You’ve raised the bar for weird this time. The Marquis de Sade dentistry items reaffirm a number of my suspicions/fear of dentists. The coutured fleas left me speechless. Alas, Melanie will have to do with naked fleas. I love your twisted little mind!

    • Ah, just think of the twisted mind who dressed the fleas… I bow to their greater twistedness.
      Yes, Pye will also have to make do with naked fleas. If I had the kind of free time to dress fleas, I’m pretty sure I’d rather check my belly button for lint.

    • Have you seen a replica of the old Sears and Roebuck catalog? Talk about torture instruments! The items they sold for “health” include things that shock your privates! Holy Electrocution, Batman!
      But you could buy an awesome house for less than $2,000. Some things have improved, some have not.

    • Yeah, me too. *scratch scratch*

      Actually, Chickenbone suffers the most… she and I can be in the same room and all the fleas will gravitate towards her. Me, nothing. I guess I’m just not tasty to fleas.

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