Giant Squirrel in Sinton — 6 Comments

    • Exactly! Just holding a pecan isn’t enough. The giant beaver is wearing sneakers and a ball cap. I’d like to see the squirrel in flip-flops. Flip-flops make sense. Flip-flops, a hat and a necklace, like the naked man in Quartzsite was wearing. Really, what more do you need?

  1. Do these Giant Squirrel promoters understand the damage they are going to cause! Such actions filled my childhood nightmares! I grew up in Humboldt County California . Humboldt County is famous for two things which research has shown are closely related. First Humboldt County is the largest producer of marijuana in the country & second it is also the home of Willow Creek & the beginnings of Bigfoot. Now Bigfoot was our boggieman when I was in Elementary school. We knew we didn’t want to meet up with him. The locals, what older folks called hippies would tell us great stories of Bigfoot, they would even show us trees uprooted and the deep claw marks they made high upon the trees. Bigfeet (more then one bigfoot) would only be found in certain plots of well hidden prime growing areas with water near by. The stories of bigfeets where enough to keep kids from roaming into the forest too far, we knew better then to tresspass upon his plots of land. However as we grew older we found that these hidden plots were great places to hide from all but Hippie adults and we could do what we wanted. We found that hippies had little fear bigfoot they would even plant gardens near the uprooted trees and they gave no regard for the claw marks. Sure they made offerings like the Indians did to Sasquatch BigFeet for often we would see the hippies smoking peace pipes that would make one just happy as the smoke drifted your way. You could always see the fear on the Hippies’ when they would find us youth in Bigfoot / Garden areas. They would warn us never to tell anyone about their special Bigfoot gardens. One Hippi who maybe was even a realative of Bigfoot himself, he smelled like something between a wet hound dog and five day old road kill. This is an atribute attributed to many bigfeet. His name was Ted. Ted took it upon himself to carve an eight foot bigfoot and placed it across the street from our school. It was a warning to us youth of what lerked in our woods and what the hippies were soul brothers with.We knew it was best to keep the locations of hippie gardens secret. I question if the Texas Giant Squirrels, with their seasonal hats are some type of warning to todays youth. And the Beaver you say that was dressed in sweat pants and tennis shoes. I think I saw that same animal one afternoon when a group of hippies from many different secret gardend offered up many smoke offerings to the bigfeet. Through the smoke I either saw that Beaver or was It just Ted visiting with one of his realitives, its been too many years and the facts are hazy about that day?!

    • Oh my gosh, Trey, you are hilarious!!! That story is too funny! Better than mine, for sure! I spent many years in the Northern California Bay Area, and heard many things about Humboldt, but this is the best.

      About the squirrels, I’m wondering what warning they might be offering? Don’t play with nuts?

    • Thank you! 🙂 I’m getting a little better each day. Still tire easily, and have some pain, but getting better every day.