The Time I Worked For Fred Krueger and Donna Mills — 10 Comments

  1. my husband always made me rent and return the porn videos back in the day we rented from shops. what a sap! thank god for on demand and internet porn.

  2. Men are so funny about that stuff. They get embarrassed buying condoms – at least the boyfriends I’ve had always made me do it. Seriously, you think *maybe* they’d be proud to subtly show there were gettin’ some.

    • Eeeww! That’s hardcore! My boss’s stuff was fairly standard as far as porn goes. I guess I should be grateful for small favors!

  3. I once worked in a hospital where Michael Myers was a practicing cosmetic surgeon… for some reason he would get all bent out of shape when someone made the connection…lol!!
    Holly B’s last post ..ZOMG – Its Caturday

    • Kind of ironic he was a cosmetic surgeon. And then there’s Mike Myers the actor. That’s not a bad reference, though.

  4. You wrote, “Speaking of giving head, here are some great tips: 10 Tips For Giving Head. You’re welcome.”

    OK, thanks for that, but I don’t suck dicks. Now how about telling an old perverted man who loves to have his cock sucked “10 Tips For GETTING Head”, or at least steering me to some ladies who are ready and willing?

    • Sorry, Don. Not having sought out ladies who give head, all I can tell you is to check your local brothels or street corners.

    • Good question – and observation! Not sure if they did have one, but I think your theory might be right. My last boyfriend was definitely a swinger (not that I knew that at the time).