Ten Things I Learned This Week — 20 Comments

  1. I’ve learned this week that I am still addicted to caffeine. I know, I know I’ve had 1/2 cup of espresso cut with 3 tsp. of sugar and half a cup of 1/2 & 1/2 everyday for the last 10 years and why I thought my addiction was gone? I am sure it’s a blonde thing.

    Oh and thank you for the shout out…but by the way, The Bloggess and I got married through DM’s like sometime last year. I am sorry to break that to you here. xoxo!
    A Vapid Blonde’s last post ..Behind Closed Doors- Or In This Case Maybe You Should Lock Your Doors

    • No, say it isn’t sooo! I’ve had my heart set on marrying The Bloggess for a whole six months now. Crap.

      But wait – @subWOW said you might be Mormons. OMG! I have Mormon relatives and I’ll convert!

  2. Awesome!!!! I am really honored. It does not matter that Vapid and The Bloggess are married. Haven’t you heard? The rumor is that they are Mormons… Sister Wives Unite!

    • Sister Wives Unite!!! And we’ll marry you and @WickedShawn and of course both @pattypunker and @bugginword – who totally should have been in my Similar To list, but Twitter only shows four at a time.

      I blame Twitter.

      That’s just like The Bloggess says! Wow, she’s already rubbing off on me.

  3. This week I learned that Nutella is the nectar of the God’s. (NUTELLA! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!)

    I also learned that people hijack blogs, and things I can do to prevent that from happening.

    However, I still have no earthly idea why anyone would ever want to hijack a blog like mine with all of 7 readers?

    Oh! I also learned from Twitter that I am similar to Duffmano, WickedShawn, Vapid, subWOW, and yourself. I am flattered and awed to be in the company of such distinguished ladies as yourselves, however I can’t help but wonder if Twitter is making a snarky comment about my manliness.
    Tom G.’s last post ..’til the end of the day

    • You can have all the Nutella I ever encounter… to me it’s just “cut” chocolate. I like mine dark and pure.

      Ah, yes. The “Limit Login Attempts” plugin caught someone just today trying to have my password! Now I wish I knew were to report the f’ers IP addy.

      OMG! You’re like us!! Ok, well The Bloggess and Vapid are married, and I heard they’re Mormons so I’m converting so I can marry in, and subWOW, WickedShawn, Pattypunker, Elly Lou are all going to marry in, too (they may or may not know it yet). Then we’ll have our own Sister Wives reality show. AND, since Twitter is never wrong, I think you should marry in, too. So far you’re the only male of the group. In that context, you would be pretty f’n manly.

      BTW – How are the aphrodisiac properties of Nutella? We could get you more.

    • LOL! I bet vibrators cuddle well: no snoring, no stealing the covers, no hogging the bed. And if you left it on the vibration would make a vibrating bed, like they used to have in Motel 6. I loved those vibrating beds!

      Hmmm, I think it’s time for an upgrade for me! πŸ™‚

  4. I learned that Twitter knows how to pair me with hotties! Tom is way behind on the Nutella! (where the hell have YOU been, Tom???) Elly has tiny fists, but clean hands. Patty loves my No Panty Days!! Vapid didn’t invite me to her wedding!!(not nice, Vapid, not nice!) ToyWithMe is my hero!
    Wicked Shawn’s last post ..If You Love Something- Set It Free

  5. #9 I’ve learned Cookie Monster cupcakes rock. #10 that I could go 1/2 a day with my shirt on backward and no one said anything. I asked my soon-to-be-wife why she didn’t say anything and she told me she thought I was comfortable with it so why should she judge. Yep she’s awesome…but I did look like a dork.

    #11 you and The Bloggess totally rock.
    Jenn’s last post ..The Animals Are Taking Over

    • LOL It also says she’s quite comfortable hangin with someone who wears their shirt backwards.

      You are too kind to mention me and The Bloggess in the same sentence! Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  6. I agree… as long as the underwear is not outside of your jeans, you’re good.

    Also, NUTELLA… I’m sorry that comment totally distracted me. NUTELLA and WINE. Oh Gah… I think I want that to be my meal every night from here until the end of the holidays. Which of course means Easter.
    Annah’s last post ..BEST I EVER HAD

    • Maybe I’ve been doing the Nutella thing all wrong. I’ve never tried it with wine! Damn. What do you put it on? Crackers? Toast? The hot body of a sexy man like Tom?

  7. 9) I have learned this week that GE makes a terrible washer with a penchant for dumping 8 gallons of water on clothes, and then refusing to make another move. I’m in a Dirty Harry-esque battle with my washer.

    10) I have learned this week that banks will act as FBI Interrogation officers do when you inquire about owning a home.

    “I…I don’t see what this has to do with escrow…”
    “Oh, dear God no.”
    “Please, please let me be. Those boys are in high school now. Please…”
    Noa Gavin’s last post ..RV To Hell- The School Edition

    • I wonder if GE made my cell phone.

      Yes, and don’t ever tell banks you have self-employment income. They count that as a negative. I can afford a shoebox, but they downgraded me to a matchbox-sized loan for having MINUSCULE self-employment income.