Why We Have Pets — 11 Comments

    • So true!! I know Checkers, my previous four-legged copilot, loved me unconditionally. Pye, I’m not so sure about. I already miss the dogs that belong to the neighbors who are leaving, and those who’ve left. I know the dogs miss each other, too. And it always seems like Molly, one of the dogs who moved away before and then saw me again after a long time, seemed to have really missed me. I’ll be sad when she moves away next week.

  1. I’m the neighbor with the dog we took for a ride! And just to keep it totally straight, mine is not the crotch sniffing dog. My dog gave that up long ago she only sniffs butts now!

    I know everyone is dying to find out how my dog the black lab, who happens to be named Black Dog, did with her recovery after her extremely traumatic experience. I was seriously worried she would never be the same again. The five minute ride did help a little bit. The excessive treats and long rub down later in the evening might have gotten her over the hump altogether. Not to mentioning getting me out of bed at 2am because she needed to do her business after all the excessive treats!

    Black Dog is however sad again. Her friend, Ruby the crotch sniffer, has left. They have spent the last three winters together. Yes as you may have guessed, they are indeed “Best Friends Forever”. On the positive side they will see one another again soon. That is the glory of having a house on wheels.

    I also miss my friends who have moved on and will also miss my friends I will be leaving behind soon. But just like our four legged friends, when we meet again we will begin again like we never left.

    • Hi Hope!

      Taking Black Dog, the treat hog, and Ruby, the crotch sniffer, for a ride last week was hilarious! Best five minute ride I’ve had in along time (there’s a joke in there somewhere *snicker*) Very glad to hear BD is doing well and has completely recovered from her mysterious injury after much pampering. But after so much pampering, how could one not?

      It’s been such a pleasure having you as a neighbor for the last few months! I loved helping you set up your new blog (Kernutties, check it out for great advice on relationships! Write to her and ask her your questions!) Looking forward to meeting you all on the road again someday soon! xo

  2. It’s called “inordinate affection”. Not in a lustful meaning but as immoderate, disorderly, unregulated. There’s a certain mental psychotic affect in treating an animal like another human and believing the animal is as close as a blood relative. It results from an unmet need for affection and companionship. With that said, i too have a dog and have had pets most of my life.

    • Oh, that sounds so clinical. (Perhaps a reflection of your medical background?) But I sort of relate to the “mental psychotic affect,” and probably the unmet need for [human] affection and companionship on some days. I’ve always said, ‘I’m here because I’m not all there.’ That said, I’m not one of those folks who dress their pet like a baby and bottle feed it (saw that on Dog Whisperer… YIKES!).

      Pye is a tad spoiled, but not overly so, IMHO. The third time she peed on my bed, she got tossed out of the house for a few hours on a very cold morning. (I believe in administering Tough Love when necessary to my four-legged children. :p ) Incidentally, she hasn’t dared pee on the bed since she was let back in.

      I can’t imagine living without a hairball (aka: pet) underfoot.

  3. My pets love me unconditionally, warts and all. It’s rare as frog’s wings to find that kind of loyalty in a human. I can always certain that my dog or my bird will be glad to see me when I come home.

    • Yes, they do! Even Pye seems to require my acknowledging her presence the minute I arrive home. She wants to be picked up – right away. (If I don’t put my stuff down fast enough, I get a nip in the calf. That’s love, right? LOL)

  4. I once read a short treatise purporting that having a dog in your life was better than having a woman. And while some of the observations did elicit a chuckle, all seemed to have been written by someone embittered by a bad relationship or three. That said, I miss my dog. And I miss my cat. And on the worst of days I even miss my ex wife (thankfully my life is improving).

    I don’t believe humans were meant to live alone and the unconditional love of a pet fills a basic need. But most of us have difficulty treating people as well as we treat our pets. Maybe if I evolve a bit more I’ll be able to keep that ficus in the corner healthy
    Chuck’s last post ..The Journey

    • I’ve never really considered if I miss an ex as much as I miss a pet. Checkers was with me for 18 years – that’s far longer than I lived with any family member. I do still miss her and it’ll be three years in July. That said, I do also miss an ex or two now and then.

      As for treating humans as well as pets, even pets who aren’t spoiled rotten accept whatever they get from us, whereas people have standards that they will accept in a relationship. That makes us far more responsible to take excellent care of our pets as they don’t have a choice to leave like humans do. That said, if you value “your human,” you’ll do well to treat them as well as, if not better than, your beloved pet, unless you want them to leave.

      Don’t worry too much about keeping the ficus alive – they’re fickle creatures.

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