Kernut is selling a kidney — 15 Comments

    • Thank yous, Mrs. Tuna! I weally appreciate it! BTW, why are they calls you Mrs. “Tuna”? I like the tunas. Do you have lots of da tunas? You can sends me one, k?

  1. Checkers, you are going to be in soooooooo much trouble. I hope the tests go well and that your mistress finds something to do, in California, where cats heal much better.
    Chuck Novotny’s last post ..Merry-go-round

    • I knowz. I almost ates the computer mouse, too. Der may be a few teef marks on it, tho. She is thinking of returning to the coast for the winters. I like the waters better than da desert. The waters haz da birds on dem.

    • Thank you, Bob. We’re boff doing better. (My mom is losing her hair from da stress or da old ages. But since she’s 29 she thinks it’s da long-term stresses. *hope*)

      BTW – What is this ‘da water cat’? Do you like da waters? Tell da truuf, dey thru you in da poolz for dat photo, huh?

  2. Non-stop prayers and good thoughts heading your way. Lots of love to you and your mom.

    • Thank youz, desertrose. We’re doing a littel better now that we’re back togetherz.

  3. WHERE are you, and where is Checkers in the hospital? I was just asking because my beloved vet, who I think is very pet-friendly & concerned, has just taken on a new vet fresh out of Texas A&M medical school last year, and she is AWESOME! I’m not the kind to suggest that you go to another vet, but I just wanted you to know that there ARE some choices if you aren’t Happy!! Hugzz, Becky in Mt. Pleasant, Texas on I-30 between Dallas and Texarkana

    • My mom took me to a new vet who was good. But since we moved to da new town (with nothing but da cows) far away frun da good vet, we will need anoder new vet. I think maybes you are far from us? We will use da Google to find out. But maybe wez come visit you soonz! ((hugs))

  4. Checkers – tell your mom that if I find someone who needs a kidney I’ll send them straight over. In the meantime, know that your mom loves you very much even if you can’t understand why she isn’t staying with you at the vet tonight. (they don’t have hotel rooms for people there)

    • Hi Lisa! My mom sayz you made a generous donation to my vet billz. Thank you verry much! She broke me outta da hospital today. I’m feeling a little better now that the infection is gone and I’m in familiar surroundings. I hope to keep getting betterz so my mom’s hair can grow back. ((hugs))

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  6. Oh I hope you will get better soon and recover from your kidney failure! You must encourage your mom and let her feel that you are always there for her..Get well soon!