Tiny Houses and The Great Wanderlust — 9 Comments

  1. We have a 16 foot tow behind RV. Of course its been over 100 degrees here in Tex-ass for the past 30 days, so until the daytime highs stay under 92, we stay out of it, but soon, mid september, we hit the road. Even if for just a 4 day weekend, or a longer 8 day week, its home away from home to just do NUTHIN.

    We are planning a driving vacation next year, head up north, see some places we are thinking of retiring to. Great thing about an RV, you can always change your view from the porch, and if your neighbors are too much like yourself, move to another spot LOL.

    • Nice! (the 16′, not the heat). I have wondered about a motorhome or tiny home’s ability to maintain a decent interior temperature during heatwaves and freezes. We’re just now getting a short heatwave here after an unseasonably cool summer.

      I’d be tempted to find a spot at the beach and never move. I have wondered how hard it is to find good spots to settle with a tiny home. There are always the motorhome parks or campgrounds, but Ive heard mixed reviews.

      Enjoy your vacation! You should blog about it so we can all live vicariously πŸ™‚

  2. That little thing is very cute. I love to travel. Road trips with no destination are my absolute favorite!!! Where are you going? Away! People look at me like I have lost my mind, but, of course, we all know that you can’t lose what you sold for nice shoes. πŸ˜‰
    Wicked Shawn’s last post ..You’re Freak-tastic!

    • LOL Speaking of shoes… I’m reading a book by Daniel G Amen, ‘The Brain In Love’. In it he says the sensory center for the foot is located right next to that for the clitoris in the brain. He goes on to explain that shoe shopping is foreplay for women. He’s not joking.

      Men, take your lady shoe shopping.

  3. Wanderlust is the best! I’ve never seen one of those houses in real life. If I had, I’d be tempted to kidnap it – or marry the owner.