RV Road Trip to BlogHer ’11 Starts NOW — 14 Comments

    • I’m worried about that. So far, so good. But she’s not happy about it moving. At all. BlogHer was great! Tons of food, too.


    How was the conference? The driving in the cities? How is Checkers? Are you back “home?”

    Since you have not named your RV yet (at least you didn’t tell me if you have) I would like to suggest “Bertha, The Orthopedic Shoe.” Flattering? … no, but driving down the street towards me she did look ever so much like a giant square toed tennis shoe.

    Please write or post when you get the time, and give Checkers a squeeze from me.


    • The conference was great fun! Lovely folks, tons of food. Home a bit earlier than expected (see next post for details).

      No, I have not yet named her. But ‘Bertha’ ?? No, that doesn’t sound very flattering. I’ll have to see what comes to mind.

      Thank you and your mom for your gracious hospitality last week! And please give Scruffy Boy a hug from me, as well. xo

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ And give Cousteau and Calypso hugs from me! I’m back home for a bit, waiting for water tank to seal (see following post). Hope to head to the coast by next week. Looking for spots to stay,not a lot out there.

    • That’s what they keep telling me, but sometimes I wonder if brave isn’t being confused with not smart enough to come in out of the rain πŸ™‚