Old Fishermen, Fresh Fish, and Dangerous Bad Boys — 7 Comments

  1. Looks like a great day. I miss Monterey a bit more all the time. It was exciting working down on Cannery Row every day.

    • I love it down there, but the weather can be too cold for my taste – as it was on Saturday. Sunday, too from what I hear. But I’ll probably be back for the 4th of July events anyway 🙂

  2. It was great – even though I had to take a couple seasick pills. I couldn’t feel my feet, but I didn’t care! LOL I’m always a bit apprehensive when whale watching… I always think they whales are going to bump the boat and turn us into the water. I know, who thinks like that??! Probably no one.

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  4. Enjoyed watching the footage of the Orca Whales. Was exciting especially the last part. have been whale watching on the Princess Monterey before. Suggestion for sailing seasickness: eat only just a little fresh fruit before you plan on going out. That’s how my family does it before going out on Monterey Bay.

    • Hi Shanna! Wasn’t that great? I was so busy trying to get my rear out of the wheelhouse, and hold on while taking pics that I just gave up trying to get good footage in favor of not falling on the deck. Thanks for the info. Fruit does usually work for me. I usually eat a banana before a flight or boat trip, but it didn’t work last time so I opted for the drugs this time. This weekend I go by boat to jail on Alcatraz! Maybe I’ll try just the banana again.